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Mike Shepard is about to get married. That's nice. Except his bride thinks he's an insurance salesman, not an international assassin. He really wants to tell her he's getting paid to kill people roughly every other month but he just can't seem to find the words. And then, just to make things even more fun for the groom-to-be, a missing person kicks off a series of potential assassinations which may just decimate the wedding party. It never rains for Michael, it just pours.

Sometimes, it's about love. Sometimes, it's about flowers. But sometimes, it's just about surviving the happiest day of your life.

Secret of Waterwhistle Pt 1 - Arilon 1 -


Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle, Part 1

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Arthur Ness is a scared young boy, evacuated from London during the WW2 blitz to the countryside village of Waterwhistle. Unfortunately he discovers that the woman he is sent to live with is a witch from another world. And her enemy - a talking cat - wants Arthur's help to discover her secret plan and defeat her. These things don't improve Arthur's nerves...

Queen's Revenge - Arilon 3 - 1stEd 3rdPr - front cover.png


Teresa Smith and the Queen's Revenge, Part 1

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Following the events of 'The Secret of Waterwhistle', Arilon has descended into turmoil and war. The Queen leads a Royal army against the brave Resistance. Meanwhile, back in the Human World, Teresa and Arthur await the return of the Cat so they can get back to Arilon and do their bit to help.


But Teresa has been having disturbing dreams. She can feel that something else is wrong. There is something terrible in Arilon and it is waiting patiently for her return...

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Sierra Leone. January, 1999. Not a safe place to be. Especially if, like Femi, you're a young chimpanzee looking for adventure. He is seeking the advice of the mythical Cotton Keeper on how to leave his starving tribe behind and strike out on his own. 

Unfortunately, Femi couldn't have chosen a worse time for his quest. Because the Big-Walkers are at war. Even as he treks towards his destination, the Big-Walkers race across the country on the backs of their growling, metal beasts, brandishing their magic, metal, killing arms. If Femi wants to speak to the Cotton Keeper, he will have to get to her before the Big-Walkers do.

Secret of Waterwhistle Pt 2 - Arilon 2 -


Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle, Part 2

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Lady Eris is about to enslave Waterwhistle. The Cat and Teresa are marshalling their allies in readiness for the final battle against the Queen's loyal agent. Just one problem... nobody knows where Arthur is.

Queen's Revenge - Arilon 4 - 1stEd 1stPr - front cover.png


Teresa Smith and the Queen's Revenge, Part 2

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In the wake of the Queen's devastating attack, the Resistance has one last chance to win a rapidly unravelling war - by launching Operation : Hammer and taking the fight straight to the Queen's doorstep on Phobos.

However, Teresa also has a bigger battle to consider. She begins to realise that the survival of everything and everyone she holds dear relies on her facing and beating the Queen - one on one...

Secret of Waterwhistle - Arilon 1&2 - 1s


Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle, Complete Edition

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The collected edition containing both halves of Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle. Enjoy the entire adventure in one bumper, double-sized book!

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Trust Me, I'm a Thief

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The Rogue's Run Trio are, frankly, three of Arilon's oddest criminals. The Professor (annoying but brilliant criminal mastermind), Ajo (a young, Valian warrior) and Lake (a girl who can occasionally glimpse the future). Sailing aboard their ship, the Rogue's Run, they are the very best bunch of smugglers and thieves ever to grace the black skies of Arilon (well, according to their advertising).

An interactive adventure where you influence the characters' actions in a story that has a direct impact on the events of 'Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle Part 2'. 



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A collection of random short stories, all compiled to bring you an evening of unrivalled entertainment unlike anything you have ever known! Santa Claus putting down a violent elf uprising! Shakespeare swinging into action against an assassin! Pigs with dynamite strapped to their backs! It's all here!!